Our booth at ISH 2017

Viessmann will be at ISH 2017 from 14 to 18 March 2017 under the theme of “Into a new century”. This year is our 100th anniversary and product innovations, digital services and journey through time to learn about our company’s history and a look towards the future all await you.

Our booth at ISH 2017


Viessmann awaits you at the World’s Leading Trade Fair for The Bathroom Experience, Building Services, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energies with innovative new products from the heating and energy sector. Get excited about Viessmann’s inspiring innovations and services to lead the way for specialists and heating customers into the digital future. You can also look forward to take a journey through time to look at our 100 years of company history, and join us in looking towards Viessmann’s future.

This year’s theme, “Into a new century”, perfectly describes the atmosphere of progress we currently find ourselves in. As digitisation progresses, our industry and the needs of customers are increasingly changing as well. Customers are increasingly looking to the Internet for information and are exchanging information online as well. 80% of buyers go online for information on new heating systems. In addition, greater value is being placed on service and quality. Existing products are increasingly being enhanced by digital service functionalities. 

That is why Viessmann will be presenting its extensive range of digital products and online services at this year’s ISH. This makes life easier for heating customers and offers greater convenience and security. It also makes the daily work of specialist contractors easier and helps them obtain new customers.

Those visiting the trade fair from Tuesday to Saturday will have the opportunity to work in small groups in our own workshop area to discuss the opportunities and challenges for our industry presented by the future. You can register here directly for one of our workshops and choose your preferred time.

This year represents the first time visitors will get the opportunity to provide digital feedback directly at our booth (info on the feedback app and the competition). More information on the competition.

Our Social Media Team will be there at the trade fair to keep you up to date about all the most important ISH information and events using Twitter and our very own WhatsApp trade fair service. You’ll never miss any news again! Sign up directly for our WhatsApp trade fair service and follow us on Twitter.

We’ll see you at our booth F96/G94 in Hall 8. We look forward to meeting with you!